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Important Dates

Participant submissions due: (on or before) April 15, 2024

Participants notified of acceptance: (on or before) May 1, 2024

Workshop day: June 17, 2024

E-mail: stem.learning.idc{at}

The primary objective of the Technology-Enhanced STEM Learning in Childhood workshop is to create a forum for participants to exchange knowledge and experience in the field of technology-enhanced STEM learning for children both in formal and informal settings. The workshop will facilitate inspiring discussions aimed at identifying challenges, best practices, and promising approaches to STEM education. Moreover, participants will explore advantages, challenges, and emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), with the potential contributions to support STEM learning. During the workshop, participants will present insights from their research studies, engage in group discussions, and share ideas. They will be engaged in group discussions exploring the advantages, challenges, emerging technologies, and open questions associated with using technology in STEM learning experiences in childhood.

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